Support the unique East-meets-West culture, Lion Rock Spirit, and the international business city of Hong Kong.

The mission of HKAC members is to re-connect and promote the unique quality of Hong Kong to the world, particularly in the areas of banking and finance services, trading and logistics, professional services, business and commerce, technology, and tourism. Hong Kong has long been the place of East meets West, the main corridor to Mainland China, and now a core city of the Greater Bay Area. HKAC members should encourage business leaders and executives to cherish Hong Kong and attract them to come or return to Hong Kong to do business and, ideally, make Hong Kong their home.

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"Hong Kong is thriving again once more as a global financial hub. We continue to work with all global financial centres internationally including the Middle East region. Hence, the Club bears a crucial role and responsibility for fostering friendlier business cultures, shared values and city images."

Jeffrey Lam
Jeffrey LamFounder and Director

"It is truly remarkable how Hong Kong remains the only place in the world where the global advantage and the China advantage come together in a single city."

Patrick Tsang
Patrick TsangFounder and Chairman

"Hong Kong has always been and remains to be where the East meets the West with its unique 'Lion Rock Spirit'."

Kelvin Liu
Kelvin LiuDirector