Special Weekly Courses

Special Weekly Courses

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Private Lessons for You

Private Lessons for You

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Lessons Prices

Our qualified instructors are available 7 days a week for one to one and group tuition. Our experienced staff and horses can cater for riders ranging from beginners to advanced, and for those wanting to specialise in show jumping or dressage.

$99/ hour
One on One Tuition
Semi – private Also Available
Available at Any Level
Wider Range of Times
$25/ hour
Mini Group Weekdays
Group (max 7 riders)
Perfect for New Riders
Lead rein / Off lead rein
$55/ hour
Group Lesson
(max 8 riders)
From Walk and Trot
Learn to canter and above
$75/ hour
Advanced Disciplines
Jumping Classes
Flat Classes

"Hong Kong is thriving again once more as a global financial hub. We continue to work with all global financial centres internationally including the Middle East region. Hence, the Club bears a crucial role and responsibility for fostering friendlier business cultures, shared values and city images."

Jeffrey Lam
Jeffrey LamFounder and Director

"It is truly remarkable how Hong Kong remains the only place in the world where the global advantage and the China advantage come together in a single city."

Patrick Tsang
Patrick TsangFounder and Chairman

"Hong Kong has always been and remains to be where the East meets the West with its unique 'Lion Rock Spirit'."

Kelvin Liu
Kelvin LiuDirector