HKAC Delegation Participant, A-Grade Energy to Facilitate Transformative Partnership with HKUST to Advance Battery Technology for Renewable Energy Commercialisation

(Hong Kong, 18 October 2023) Hong Kong Ambassadors Club (“HKAC”), is pleased to announce that recent delegation participant, A-Grade Energy Ltd Affiliated Company, Comking A-Grade Green Energy (HK) Innovation Centre Ltd. (“Innovation Centre”) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on 17 October 2023 with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (“HKUST”) officially launching a research partnership between the two parties on the application of flow batteries as renewable energy storage systems. The cooperation between the two parties will cover joint research and development projects, technology commercialisation, and materials, equipment and talent exchange.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to commercialise the university’s scientific achievements through this collaboration. We hope to engage in research that will have a long-term, transformative impact on Hong Kong and the nation’s energy future,” commented Professor Minhua Shao, the Head and Chair Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering of HKUST and the Director of HKUST Energy Institute.

The MOU was signed by HKUST Vice-President for Research and Development Professor Tim Cheng (right) and the Directors of the Innovation Centre, Mr Wu Guocheng (centre) and Mr Jonathan Lamport (left)

“We have always focused our work on new power distribution, electricity consumption and energy systems, intending to provide comprehensive energy solutions for the country. We provide integrated solutions such as wind and solar energy storage, charging, inspection, etc., and the development of flow batteries can adequately respond to the need to store renewable energy,” commented Wu Guocheng, Director of Zhuhai Comking Electric Co. Ltd.

“We are pleased to cooperate with the research experts of HKUST. The university has strong research capabilities and top calibre talents in physics, materials science and engineering. We hope that through this cooperation, we can expand the company’s commercialisation capabilities. Combined with the university’s technological innovation capacity, we can jointly drive progress in renewable energy technologies and sustainable development, ” commented Jonathan Lamport, Founder and CEO of A-Grade Energy.

This cooperation will contribute to developing new energy solutions, transforming scientific achievements into impactful technologies, and nurturing young talent with their commitment to advancing Hong Kong’s innovation and technology sector.

“By connecting global experts and deploying innovative technologies, the HKAC is accelerating collaboration to drive positive change and turning vision into action. As COP28 approaches, we are proud to be laying the groundwork for impactful solutions to create a more sustainable future,” Patrick Tsang commented.

One of the innovation centre joint venture parties, Zhuhai Comking Electric Co. Ltd., was certified as a “little giant” or top performer among specialised, high-end and innovation-driven SMEs. The company has always strived to lead in technological innovation, strengthen technological advancement, and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, with the vision of becoming the world’s outstanding power supply service provider.

The other party, A-Grade Energy, participated in the BridgeME Smart City Business Delegations to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in June and September 2023, curated by the HKAC.

Building upon successful partnerships and the commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies, the HKAC will foster technological cooperation and bridge markets in the Middle East.

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A-Grade Energy Limited provides a spectrum of photovoltaic and renewable energy solutions to clients, ranging from traditional solar panels to building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), EV Charging, and battery storage together with BMS. They are one of the first companies introducing thin-film solar cell such as CdTe based BIPV to Hong Kong.

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