Hong Kong 3.0 – Prosperity Connected Globally

Hong Kong Ambassadors Club (HKAC) is an organisation for global investors and professionals seeking to deepen ties, build connections, and participate in intimate and high-level conversations with Hong Kong’s best, while obtaining regular newsletters and important and up to date on the ground information and celebrating the unique culture and spirit of its people.

"Hong Kong is thriving again once more as a global financial hub. We continue to work with all global financial centres internationally including the Middle East region. Hence, the Club bears a crucial role and responsibility for fostering friendlier business cultures, shared values and city images."

Jeffrey Lam
Jeffrey LamFounder and Director

"It is truly remarkable how Hong Kong remains the only place in the world where the global advantage and the China advantage come together in a single city."

Patrick Tsang
Patrick TsangFounder and Chairman

"Hong Kong has always been and remains to be where the East meets the West with its unique 'Lion Rock Spirit'."

Kelvin Liu
Kelvin LiuDirector

What We Do

The Club would be dedicated to collaborating with international business elites and top-notch global investors to engage into global brands to host influential events in HK. The Club is also planning to organise bilateral trade business and investment delegation visits among strategic markets for Hong Kong such as the Middle East and the Greater Bay Area, and facilitate partnerships and collaborations between the senior leaders in the public and private sectors among the regions.

Join Us

Many potential sponsors are willing to become Partners of the HKAC to support our members and contribute to the accomplishment of our endeavour. Our partners’ names and reputations reflect the spirit of our club. They will help uphold and promote the greatest of Hong Kong worldwide.