Our Mission

Hong Kong Ambassadors Club is an organisation for global investors and professionals seeking to deepen ties, build connections, and participate in intimate and high-level conversations with Hong Kong’s best, while obtaining regular newsletters and important and up to date on the ground information and celebrating the unique culture and spirit of its people.

The Club would be dedicated to collaborating with global investors and international business community to engage into global brands to host influential events in HK. The Club is also planning to organise bilateral trade business and investment delegation visits among strategic markets for Hong Kong such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Greater Bay Area, and facilitate partnerships and collaborations between the senior leaders in the public and private sectors among the regions.

Our Message

People around the world appreciate the core values of Hong Kong, such as economic freedom, the “can do” spirit of entrepreneurs, professionalism and excellence, hard-working, innovation, and creativity, all of which prevail even in the face of difficulty. Fraser Institute, an independent public policy research and educational organisation in Canada, placed Hong Kong as the number one destination for economic freedom for the 26th year in a row. Hong Kong’s spirit remains strong and the unique privileges it enjoys makes it the ideal bridge between East and West.

Impact of The Club

Hong Kong Most Influential and Premium Network for Business, Culture and Society

(Private Access to the Most Influential Network in Hong Kong)

Goodwill Ambassadors for Hong Kong

(Access to High-End and Impactful Network, Important Information for Business and Policy Insights and Unique Hong Kong Global Experience)

Distinguished Foreign Business Magnates, Public Celebrities and Thought Leaders

(Next Generation of Family Businesses in Emerging Markets, Positive Influencers, Aspiring Politicians and Promising Young Leaders with Good Faith in Hong Kong.)

Business of The Club

Access to High-Level Official Events Curated with the 21 overseas offices of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Business Partners

(Philanthropies, Business, Investment and for Good )

Access to Network, Facilities and Club Identity of Hong Kong Business Overseas

(Distinguished Foreign Business Magnates, Public Celebrities and Thought Leaders)

Most Authentic HoReCa Experience in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area

(For Families, Business Trip and New Hong Kong Sensations)

Community & Networking 

The HKAC offers its influential and professional individual members unique opportunities to meet and connect to discover, explore and collaborate on interesting ideas, projects, and other opportunities. Conferences, round tables, workshops, and networking drinks will be held from time to time for our diverse group of members from various backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and professional fields to mingle and network.

Attract Global Communities with World Class Events

The HKAC will work globally with various NGOs such as chambers of commerce, business associations, professional organisations, private member clubs, and other institutions to organise seminars, forums, and discussion sessions to promote Hong Kong and to attract their members to come to Hong Kong for business.

International Events

Events will include exclusive gatherings in other international cities. Invitees will consist of Royal families, HKAC members, prestige family offices, global influencers, celebrities, and the world’s foremost CEOs.